Kodak Double X – 35mm B&W Film. 36 Exposures

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Introducing Kodak Double X!

This is a general purpose black & white negative film used by the motion picture industry. Loaded into standard size canisters and ready to be used in any 35mm camera

  • 250 asa/iso – (Pull to 6 / Push to 6400)
  • Black and White Negative
  • Excellent latitude
  • Low grain
  • Scans and prints well
  • No Remjet – Process as normal B&W
  • DX Coded option available – See DX code note in description for more info


Kodak Eastman Double-X Black and White negative is a fantastic film designed for general purpose use both outdoors and indoors. It features exceptional latitude, low grain and high quality image structure characteristics.

Create a story through light and shadow with a film optimised for beautiful images and reliable performance.

The native speed of this film is 250 which is where the best results emerge but it can also be pulled to around 6 and pushed to 6400 with minimal effect to the tonality!

Double X can be processed in your usual B&W workflow or dropped off at any normal lab. The test shots were taken at 250 and developed in HC-110 dilution B.

DX Code Note:
As standard this film is sold without a dx code, this means that you will need to use it in a camera which you can manually set the is. We have also made this film available in DX coded canisters, meaning it can be used in an automatic or point and shoot camera.

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