Kodak Vision3 500T – 35mm Colour Film, 36 Exp

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Introducing Kodak Vision3 500T!

This is a tungsten-balanced 35mm colour negative film used by the motion picture industry. Loaded into standard size canisters and ready to be used in any 35mm camera

  • 500 asa/iso – Tungsten balanced
  • Freshest Stock – Professionally loaded with proper leader ends
  • Excellent highlight latitude
  • Less grain in shadows + Scans well for low light scenes
  • Process ECN-2 or C41 with Remjet removed
  • DX Coded option available – Select this option for automatic cameras – See DX code note in description for more info


Kodak Vision3 500T is a tungsten balanced 35mm colour negative film used by the motion picture industry. The best thing about this film is that once loaded into our canisters it can be used like any other 35mm photographic film and produces some amazing results!

This film is perfect for indoor lighting or for use at night. It can also be used in daylight with an 85b warming filter or by simply colour correcting the negatives in photo editing software.

Setting a new precedent in image quality, Kodak Vision3 500T takes the look and image structure that people love in motion picture film, but reduces the amount of grain in shadows. Its extended highlight latitude offers great flexibility, letting you pull more detail out of highlights too. The unique beauty of film, crystal clear

Processing note:
This film requires ECN-2 processing which is not offered by all labs but is still widely available in the U.K.
We recommend using our friends over at Come Through Lab who provide a high quality, streamlined service.

DX Code Note:
As standard this film is sold without a dx code, this means that you will need to use it in a camera which you can manually set the iso. We have also made this film available in DX coded canisters, meaning it can be used in an automatic or point and shoot camera.

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