Olympus T20 Camera Flash


The iconic Olympus T20 is easily one of the most recognizable external flashes in the world of analog photography. This compact powerhouse is the perfect lighting companion for taking your film camera’s capabilities to new creative heights.

Designed to perfectly complement Olympus cameras like the OM-1, OM-10, and Trip 35, the T20 produces brilliant bursts of illumination. Its intelligent circuitry also communicates with the OM2 to calculate the ideal output for every scenario.

In addition to its outstanding performance, the T20 stuns with its iconic and ultra-compact styling that epitomizes classic Olympus design. The included protective case helps keep your flash safe when not in use.

Whether using it for fill lighting, stopping action, or as a versatile main light source, the legendary Olympus T20 delivers extremely capable, controllable, and portable flash photography for your 35mm photos.

The T20 is an essential piece of photographic equipment for any Olympus film shooter.

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